Shamrock Jiffyspray Aerosol Paint
Shamrock Jiffyspray Aerosol Paint


Paint Order Information

Paint Order Informantion





In VALERO'S continuing efforts to support its wholesale re-image program, JONES-BLAIR Company has been selected as the principal supplier of two-part high performance paint coatings for the VALERO Brand Imaging program.  Brands included are Valero, Shamrock & Diamond Shamrock.


VALERO'S customers will realize significant savings and will receive World Class service and support on the new VALERO Brand Imaging programs.

The following are a few of the key value points:

  • All VALERO branded station colors are "in-stock items"

  • All "in-stock" paints will ship out in 48 hours or less

  • Technical support for problems areas is provided

  • Customer service will follow-up on all your questions

  • Field Application Instructions for all coatings are provided along with other pertinent information that may be found on this website or by calling or emailing to the personnel listed.

You can get help from:

  • Elida Rodriguez in Customer Service call toll free 1-800-492-9400; toll free fax
    1-800-325-6321 or e-mail at

  • Kristal Bluemer, National Sales Manager, Oil Services; direct 800-492-9400 Ext. 1645; mobile 214-676-8542 or email at

Thank you for your business and we welcome your feedback and candor on how we can improve our service and products for the VALERO Brand Imaging programs.

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