Exxon Retail Image

JONES-BLAIR ACRYLITHANE™ Urethane paint system for Exxon.


To: End Users supporting Exxon Image Standards projects

To support the Exxon Retail Image, ExxonMobil selected JONES-BLAIR as a principal paint supplier. This is based on success with the JONES-BLAIR products with superior durability and color control. Exxon Investors and contractors have been purchasing the two part urethane paint from JONES-BLAIR since the 1970’s. The two part urethane paints are for re-imaging as well as new construction to coat exterior buildings, carwash exteriors, canopy under deck ceilings, curbing, various sign and yard light poles as well as other brand elements.

End users are responsible for purchasing the paint directly from JONES-BLAIR for wholesaler re-image or maintenance sites. National pricing is in effect with JONES-BLAIR for all colors of the Exxon Retail Image and installers will be able to purchase at those pricing levels. In addition, there will be no shipping charges from JONES-BLAIR when 60 or more gallons of paint are ordered. Order forms/price lists, field application guide and installation notes are available on this website or from contacts listed in this bulletin.

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Paint Application Guide

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Credit Application

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Print and complete by hand and return as a fax or scanned email attachment to:
Customer Service at 936-523-6000 or email imaging@hempel.com

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The following are material safety data sheets for JONES-BLAIR paint products that are for the Exxon Retail Image program. The files are in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format and can be viewed on-line if Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer. To save one of the specifications to your hard drive for later use, right click on the item you want to download and save as (file name) to your hard drive. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, go to the location where it was saved and open. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from Adobe's web site.

P-1 Tan 45080 P-5 Pure White
45027 P-8 Eggshell White 3032-001 P-8 Rust-Not HP Touchup
45035-001 P-9 Gunmetal Gray 3036-001 P-9 Rust-Not HP Touchup
45604 P-13 Gray 3036-001 P-13 Rust-Not HP Touchup
45051-001 P-20 Light Gray 45035-001 P-25 Stone
45051-001 P-24 Light Stone 45035-001 P-6 Exxon Red
21092 Acrylithane HS2 Reducer 45051-001 P-26 New Gray
3032-001 P-28 Rust-Not HP Woodland Snow
(for Interior use)
45035 P-16 Yellow
99951 Acrylithane Catalyst 3035 Safety Yellow Rust-Not HP
1500-077 Multi-Purpose Alkyd White Primer 1560-032 Multi-Purpose Alkyd White Primer
21092 Acrylithane HS2 Reducer 21093 Acrylithane & Ureprime Hot Weather Retarder
3090 Multi-Grip 2 Acrylic Primer Bonder 3091 Multi-Grip 2 Gray Acrylic Primer
33010 Ureprime HS2 33014 Ureprime HS4
3781 Acrylic Latex Block Filler 99011 Acrylithane Cold Weather Accelerator
1500-077 Multi-Purpose Alkyd White Primer 1560-032 Multi-Purpose Alkyd Gray Primer
21102 Fast Paint Reducer  

The information data and suggestions contained herein are believed to be reliable based upon our knowledge and experience, however, it is expressly declared that Seller does not guarantee the result to be obtained in Buyers processes. SELLER HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND/OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED as to any and all products and or suggestions described herein whether such products are used along or in combination with other materials. Buyer must make its own determination of the suitability of any product for its use and the completeness of any information contained herein. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to constitute inducement or recommendation to practice any invention covered by any patent without authority from the owner of the patent.

Key notes regarding the ACRYLITHANE™ HS2 two part urethane from JONES-BLAIR:

All colors, including Exxon Red have superior color and gloss retention compared to conventional latex or alkyd single-component products. Experience with the products in the field shows that these coatings will outlast the others by at least twice for color and gloss retention and have superior adhesion on the various types of surfaces, thus saving additional labor and material costs. Most have been getting up to 8 years durability.

Specific and comparative exterior durability tests were conductedon the ExxonMobil colors for gloss/color retention and adhesion for the ACRYLITHANE HS2 gloss urethane vs. the competition with great results. Additionally, JONES-BLAIR ACRYLITHANE HS2 is specified on more major brands of service stations and distribution terminals than any other brand due to its proven durability.


Cotect customer service at 936-523-6000 or email imaging@hempel.com.

  • Orders may be placed by internet website, toll free fax, toll free telephone, or email direct to JONES-BLAIR customer service department.
  • Individual price list/order forms that are furnished for the brand, are easy to read and include all associated primers, reducers, helpful painting tips, and ordering information as well as whom to contact for technical assistance.
  • Orders received by noon Central Time are generally shipped same day and not later than 24 hours from receipt of order.
  • All approved colors are "in-stock items" so as not to delay orders and assures color consistency from order to order.
  • Field application guide/instructions and installation notes are provided for all coating applications and are available.
  • Commitment of Continual Improvement: JONES-BLAIR welcomes your feedback on how we can improve our service and products for the brand image.
  • Questions regarding this information should be directed to your ExxonMobil representative.

Place orders or get further assistance by calling toll free 800-492-9400 or Email, erodriguez@jones-blair.com.

Jones-Blair office hours are 8am-5pm Central Time M-F.

The after-hours customer service voice mail direct number is: 214-353-1604.

JONES-BLAIR contacts are:

Customer Service - for placing orders, pricing, and order status:

  • Elida Rodriguez, 800-492-9400 Ext. 1604 or Email: erodriguez@jones-blair.com.

Technical Assistance:

  • Kristal Bluemer, National Sales Manager - Imaging

    800-492-9400 Ext. 1645, Cell: 214-676-8542 or Email: kbluemer@jones-blair.com

Thank you for your business and we welcome your feedback and candor on how we can improve our service and products for the Exxon Retail Image Program.