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JiffySpray Aerosol Touch-up Options:

  • Helps improves Mystery Shop scores
  • Easy touch-up for curbs, bollards, canopy columns, and ID sign poles
  • Available in mixed kits of 6 or 12 cans

Select a JiffySpray flyer to download:

JiffySpray 66.pdf JiffySpray Mobil.pdf  JiffySpray Sheetz.pdf
JiffySpray 76.pdf JiffySpray Oasis.pdf JiffySpray Shell.pdf
JiffySpray Exxon.jpg JiffySpray Shamrock.pdf JiffySpray Valero.pdr
JiffySpray Gulf Oil.pdf    



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JiffySpray™ is for touch up only, it is not a substitute for regular maintenance or high performance JONES-BLAIR urethane coatings.