DTM Primer-Surfacer

Urethane based primer-surfacer


Urethane based primer-surfacer often used for repair applications.


  • Excellent smoothness for premium topcoat appearance. 
  • Used for spot repair applications. 
  • May be recoated at any time. 
  • Chemical and solvent resistant. 
  • Excellent topcoat gloss holdout. 
  • Easy to sand for a strong surface profile. 
  • Chromate free. 
  • Low VOC — 2.1 lbs./gallon. 
  • Recommended Use
    For ferrous substrates found on automobiles, trucks, trailers, bulk tanks, and other applications that require a smooth primer that can be recoated at any time. Often used as a repair primer when touching up.
  • Physical Constants

    Color/Shade code: White/1L000 

    Finish: Semi-flat 

    Volume solids: 59% ± 1 

    Theoretical spreading rate: 946 ft²/US gallon [23.6 m²/liter] – 1 mils [25 microns] 

    Flash point: 73°F/22°C 

    Specific gravity: 11.3 lbs/US gallon [1.35 kg/liter] 

    Viscosity: 40” – 50”, Ford 4 

    Touch dry: 30 minutes, 68°F/20°C 

    Through dry: 2 hours, 68°F/20°C 

    VOC content: 255 g/liter [2.12 lbs/US gallon] 

    The physical constants stated are nominal data according to the Hempel Group's approved formulas. VOC may be dependent on color. 

  • Application

    Product / Mix ratio: Base 143J9 : Curing agent 940JB / 8 : 1 by volume 

    Application method: Air spray

    Thinner (max. vol.): 08320 Medium Reducer (11%); see Mixing/stirring on PDS 

    Pot life: 6 hours, 68°F/20°C 

    Nozzle orifice: 0.110” or 2.8 MM fluid cap conventional 

    Nozzle pressure: 72 psi [5 bar] (Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment) 

    Cleaning of tools: 08320 Medium Reducer 

    Indicated film thickness, dry: 1 – 2 mils [25 – 50 microns]

    Indicated film thickness, wet: 2 – 4 mils [50 – 100 microns] 

    Overcoat interval, min: 15 minutes, 68°F/20°C

  • Thinners, Additives, and Reducers
    08320Medium Reducer
    08EJBFast Spray Reducer

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